The 10 Myths that Limit You using Colour Effectively

Do you like to take a holistic approach to your design work but are unsure how to get away from the "cookie cutter" or celebrity design approaches?

Do you sometimes create a palette that you feel is exactly what your clients asked for only to have them say it’s not what they wanted?

What if you knew not only a way to use your innate colour intuition but also have science based knowledge to back up your choices?

This is absolutely possible and in my free ebook "10 Myths that Limit You Using Colour Effectively" I begin to show you how you can start to work with colour differently.

In this ebook you will learn:

  • Some of the science behind the colour choices which you're currently navigating through with intuition
  • How to create consistent, predictable, repeatable results
  • What lies behind your client's fear of colour so you can help them resolve it and be excited about the process.

If you work with colour and design and you'd like to be at the forefront of your industry, then download this ebook by entering your details below and start discovering the exciting and expansive world beyond the colour wheel.

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Free colour book

"...helped me to see how colour works at a much deeper level."
- Jacqui Smith, HomeSmiths, interior designer


"...changed the way I approach colour."