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Introduction to Colour Psychology course

Picture this, I'm at college, sitting at table one evening surrounded by piles of teal blue felt, luscious chocolate brown ribbons and feathers. I couldn't wait to dive in and make a fabulous hat following a millinery course I had taken. To get the creative juices flowing I started fiddling with the various materials and suddenly realised "gosh it's not making hat that's exciting me, it's all the colours!" It was an epiphany moment one that took my life in a totally new direction.

I wanted, no needed, to learn everything I could about colour and why even the exposure to the colours on my table sparked such a strong emotional reaction.

I'm sure you've experienced one of those…? So I went off to learn everything I could about colour.

But I quickly got frustrated because whilst I loved studying traditional colour theory, what was being taught only scratched the surface. I knew there was more to colour than just the colour wheel. I sought out teachers from around the world to further my colour knowledge in the specialist field of psychology.

I also studied interior design and child psychology because everything starts from the child that we carry throughout our lives which continue to be affected and influenced by colour. And through that I’ve developed and established myself as an international expert in applied colour psychology. There’s no one else doing quite what I do.

Whilst there are others that take a more spiritual, therapeutic approach to colour... what makes me unusual is... not only is the work I do very practical and grounded... it's backed by scientific theory and study. It also has a very definite structure that can make all the difference how you as a designer and business person can implement this in the real world. I have been proving this over and over again working internationally with clients such as Dulux, Dove, B&Q, BASF, Unilever and Farrow & Ball.


Have you been looking for a way to delve deeper into the world of colour?

Have you wanted to explore the possibilities of what working with colour can achieve but not sure how to go about it?

Have you had a sense there are more possibilities?

You're right, there absolutely are and here's your opportuntity to actually dive into and discover that exciting world!


The Introduction to Colour Psychology course for industry professionals would be a great place to start

Although this course is part of a larger 6 month Mentoring Programme it gives such a solid foundation I've designed it be a fully standalone course in its own right. It's one of my signature offerings that is structured to be affordable and easily fits within your schedule.

You will discover how easy it is to start using applied colour psychology and how this additional, and unique, offering to your clients can help you become a leader in your field.

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For example, do you know

  • The three distinct ways we relate to colour and why they cause confusion?
  • The psychological meaning behind the 11 main colours, their tonal variations and why clients react to them the way they do?
  • How to use the concepts of psychological primaries to create specific behaviours in people within an environment?
  • Why your client choses (or rejects) certain colours and how to explain how their choices will impact the way they think, feel and behave in their space their thoughts, feelings and behaviours?
  • Why there's no such thing as a neutral colour?
  • Or how about why the trend for adding 'pops of colour' is likely to be plastering over, or even exaggerating an underlying problem?

Colour Psychology is coming to the forefront in the design world

More and more designers and colour professionals are realising it supports and enhances your intuition so you can create even more amazing and consistent results for your clients.

These results include increased well-being in the home and in healthcare environments, promoting positive behaviour in the workplace and attracting ideal customers in business and making those all-important sales.

And what's even more exciting this course will help you to see rather than being an afterthought or just another visual design feature, colour is actually at the very core of amazing design - not to mention happy clients and customers.

Color Course


This course is for you if you

  • are a designer and work in the design industry such as: interiors, textiles, product design, branding, graphic design, architecture, retail or healthcare
  • have always be curious about colour psychology
  • want to communicate better with your clients about colour
  • up till now haven't had the time or the finance to invest in a full course
  • aspire to be a leader in the design industry in colour
  • are tired of your client's saying no to whatever you show them.

Like most creative people you have an intuitive feel for colour, yet there will be times when a colour palette, a scheme, the personality of the brand just isn't coming together and you don't know why.

In this course you'll learn how to...

  • put an end to all those endless subjective debates on what colours should be used
  • provide a clear, logical rationale for your colour decisions - back your colour decisions based on science
  • align the colour message to those of the brand marketing message, interiors, product - stopping the mix messages many brands are sending out
  • analyse your clients colour choices and the meaning behind their preferences
  • make informed decision when deciding if the current colour trend is right for you, your business or your client.

So what exactly will you learn that you haven't learned before?

Most courses just teach you the theory leaving real learning to happen once you have left. This introductionary course is packed full of exercises for you start implementing the theory on current projects within your own business.

Color Course

How does this course work?

You'll receive access to the complete online Introduction to Colour Psychology course, which comprises in total of nine easily digestible tutorial videos. As it's all online, you can watch and re-watch the videos whenever it suits you, so you can fit it in around your lifestyle, your work and family life. You'll have access to the videos for life. You'll also receive a workbook which includes activities for you to work through so you can immediately apply what you have learnt.

That's the summary, here are all of the details.



In this Introduction to Colour Psychology course you'll receive:

  • Nine (9) online tutorials with activities including a bonus video on Connecting Your Client to Colour especially designed for those clients who are scared of colour or worried about getting it wrong and for those who reject every colour suggestion you make.
  • Additional Resources section curated for you with links to books, videos and articles to delve even deeper into the fascinating world of colour psychology
  • And to support your learning you'll receive a comprehensive 86 page workbook which includes exercises, activities and case studies to help you embed the learning. It doubles as a quick reference tool too
  • Access to the private Introduction to Colour Psychology Facebook group where you'll have your questions answered personally by me and where you can also share your thoughts and ideas with other colour & design professionals from around the world.

Color Course


If you want to learn how to create consistent reproducible results using your intuition and science, then choose the relevant payment option for you below to get started in the amazing and life changing world of colour psychology.

Introduction to Colour Psychology Course

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I accept the Terms & Conditions*

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Color Course

Working with colour is a magical process. It’s about taking the personality of an individual or business, and drawing out the colours that represent their true identity. Karen Haller
Leading Applied Colour Psychology Expert
It was great to have such an experienced specialist running the course. Thank you so much. Debbie Blott
Founder of The DecorCafe Network
"Your colour training certainly has changed my life!" Rebecca Randall
Rebecca Randall Colour & Design
Talking to large audiences or working with you or a team, Karen's passion for colour shines and energises. Janet Best
Fashion colour management specialist
Thank you so much for running the colour training days for the DecorCafe Network. We have had great feedback from the interior designers who attended. Debbie Blott
Founder of The DecorCafe Network
We particularly appreciated your passion for the subject, depth of knowledge and original approach. Debbie Blott
Founder of The DecorCafe Network
Thank you so much for running the colour training days for the DecorCafe Network. We have had great feedback from the interior designers who attended. Debbie Blott
Founder of The DecorCafe Network