A little about me

I've loved colour since I was a little girl. I can still vividly remember a time in kindergarten when I was sitting in front of pots of paint and crayons and being beyond excited because I had all of these colours to play with. My biggest challenge was deciding which colours to use first!

From that moment I was hooked - and ever since it's felt like I've had colour in my veins.

In primary school I painted my bedroom furniture sunflower yellow. When I was a teenager I made my own clothes so that I could choose the colours and fabrics that I wanted. As a young adult I attend Sydney School of Fashion studying fashion and millinery and tried just about every arts and crafts imaginable... I was never far from colour and was always attracted to different ways of using it.

Ever since I was that 4-year-old sitting in front of my coloured crayons and pots of paints, working with colour has always been a magical process.

And over the past 20+ years that I have been learning about colour, I have come to understand WHY it's so magical and powerful.

Colour isn't just decoration, it's a powerful phenomenon.

Colour can influence how you think, feel and behave - in an instant..

I instinctively knew this even when I was little, but it wasn't until I discovered the world of colour psychology and colour physics that all my burning questions around why we respond to colour the way we do began to be answered. It felt like I'd tapped into a world of colour alchemy where I began to see how colour can transform how we feel and response to the world around us and for ourselves too.

With the number of design specialists asking me where they could learn more about colour psychology I decide to run advance colour training for design professionals to get the colour knowledge out there. I was also honoured to be asked by the International School of Colour and Design to write their Colour Diploma course.

Years and thousands of hours of study and personal research later, I'm now one of the leading experts and practitioners in the field of applied colour psychology. And that "applied" is really important.

While there has been lots of scientific study done into the impact of colour on our minds, emotions and behaviours, this knowledge hasn't yet made it into mainstream education and into the hands of those who can use it to make a positive difference.

And that's one of the reasons I do what I do - I want to help create a colour revolution.

I want to put the power of applied colour psychology into the hands of interior designers, branding specialists, architects, graphic designers, in fact any designer who wants to specialise in colour across the world so that we can use colour as a force for positive change.


On the cusp of change

Ever since World War Two colour has been sidelined. During those times of lack and rationing, the masculine function and form was prized over the feminine - anything aesthetically 'pretty', 'decorative' or even sensory was considered superfluous. And this is how colour on the whole was viewed.

The trouble is, we haven't moved on since then. Brutalism, industrialism and minimalism, which began after the war, still have a strong hold on our psyche and in design, and how we relate to colour.

But the world around us has changed, and the world of colour is getting ready to catch up.

We're now entering a new paradigm - the rise of the feminine. It's happening in many areas in our lives and in our culture and colour is no exception.

People are beginning to grasp the amazing phenomenon that is colour and beginning to fathom just what an amazing tool it is and what kind of positive impact it can have on our lives.

But I want everybody to know, not just a few.

I want to bring colour awareness into the mainstream so that everyone can start learning how to use colour to empower and support us in positive ways.

Which is why after years of 1-2-1 colour consulting for businesses and private clients and being a trouble shooter for branding companies, architects and interior designers, I went ahead and created my own Colour Training Courses.

Over the years I'd had so many design specialists asking me where they could learn more about colour psychology that I realised if I really wanted to spread the word I'd better create something myself! So I condensed all my years of training, research and practical application into one jam-packed, hands-on, 6-month course.

Make no mistake, a colour revolution is coming. And I plan to help it get here as fast as it can!


Want to explore the world of colour psychology?

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Karen's Media Bio

Karen Haller is a leading international authority in the field of applied colour psychology, specialising in business brand colour, interiors, healthcare and wellbeing. Having studied colour for over 20 years she understands how colour affects us, influences us and how businesses and designers can use it to influence behaviour.

Karen consults, trains and heads colour campaigns for prestigious global brands such as Farrow & Ball, Dove, Fiat, BASF in the US and Ascot Races. She works globally with design professionals to advance their colour training through her mentoring programmes and CPD courses and was commissioned by the International School of Colour and Design, Australia to write their Colour Diploma course.

As a published author, Karen is regularly featured in local and national magazines, newspapers, radio and TV. She is a contributing author of the leading industry book Colour Design: Theories and Applications on Colour in Interiors.

As a speaker Karen shared her Colour Intuition™ system at Grand Designs LIVE and her theories during the prestigious Clerkenwell Design Week and co-curated the 2015 100% Design four days of colour talks.

Karen is also a trustee and committee member of the Colour Group of Great Britain, a British Interior Institute of Design (BIID) Industry Partner and CPD Provider and on the advisory board of the charity Color Cares.