Advanced Colour Methods


Introducing Advanced Colour Methods for Industry Professionals Group Mentoring Programme in Applied Colour Psychology.

6 modules of comprehensive training delivered online

We start with base lining your colour knowledge so everyone starts from the same starting point looking at what colour is, base lining colour terminology and debunking the colour myths that unfortunately are still prevalent in the colour industry.

We look at the psychological properties of the 11 main colours and learn about the psychological primaries and their behavioural effects. Plus clear up any confusion there is on what exactly is colour psychology, colour symbolism and colour preference as these are often mislabelled and misused and therefore misunderstood.

We look at the harmonious relationship between tonal colour families, personality types and design style. Rarely are designs one dimensional so we also look at how to seamlessly incorporate the primary and secondary personalities and design styles to create the holistic whole of a brand, interior or product.

Identifying colour characteristics and tonal variations. Properties and characteristics of colour 'families'. And to how to train your eye to recognise the tonal variations of the different colour families.

From a colour psychology perspective every colour - every tone, tint and shade has specific meaning and you'll learn no matter what the colour is, the likely impact it will have, so you can guide your client through any potential colour minefields you feel they are heading towards. You'll be able to explain to them the likely long term impact their colour choices can have - so they are they informed and not ring you up 3mths, 6mths later distressed because their wow factor colour scheme is now driving them crazy.

We'll be bringing together colour physics with colour psychology and how that can evoke consistently reproducible, predictable, psychological responses.

You'll have a clear, logical rationale for your colour decisions - backing your colour decisions based on science putting an end to long, drawn out debates on colour that can take hours. This one thing will alone be your biggest time waster and biggest unbudgeted cost which you'll now be able to stop happening.

We look at home to turn your mood boards into a Behavioural Board™, incorporating the psychological colour wheel, creating specific colour combinations to create positive behavioural effects in any given space or function. Plus we'll be looking at how to identify and manage the personality power struggle that can arise when making colour decisions between couples and families.




I really encourage you to join me with the intention to making back your investment in the programme from new client work within the 6 month period - then you have these skills for the lifetime of your business!

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What Designers say...

"If you're interested in colour or want to build your confidence in colour, then don't even hesitate - sign-up to take the course! It will put you streets ahead of your competition, substantially improve the service you offer to your clients, and give you new understanding about colour in your personal life too.

- Leonie Beaumont, interior designer -


"Karen has taken me on a magical journey into the amazing World of colour. She really knows her subject inside out. So if you want to learn more about colour and how to make informed colour choices in your work and personal life then this course is an excellent starting place.

- Amanda Caley, Property stager/show home stylist -


"The course runs as a set of building blocks and you cannot move on to the next until the prior ones are completed and understood. Only when you look back over the previous 6-8 months do you realise just how much you have learnt!

Karen has worked out the timings of her mentoring brilliantly. A really enjoyable experience.

After my last mentoring day I was able to give a talk on Business and psychology of colour with confidence knowing that I 'knew my stuff'. This is thanks to Karen and the course structure and content. I cannot recommend this highly enough."

"Your colour training certainly has changed my life!"
- Rebecca Randall, interior designer -

This is the wonderful thing, you never know where your new specialist colour skill will take you. And learning this new skill isn't just life changing for the client!


"Before I started the program I was apprehensive. I was not only investing a lot of time into this but also a decent sum of money. Was I going to get my monies worth, I asked myself? Was it going to give me everything I needed?

The answer to all is YES, and some!

Karen has rationalised the world of interiors and decoration for me. It has given me the confidence and ability to truly show my own clients how to have confidence in what they believe in and who they are. After all it is their space. Everyone should have the freedom to be who they want to be in their own space and this is what colour psychology does.

"Working remotely for me suits me due to its flexibility, I can work the course around my work and kids which is an added bonus for me."
- Lucy Curtis, Splash the Colour -


If you have any questions to help you decide if this course is right for you and your business, you can email me at and I'll contact you to arrange a call.

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