One day colour masterclass

One day colour masterclass

Are you ready to harness the power of interior colour so that it expresses your true personality, your values and even influences positive behaviours?

Colour fundamentally affects your quality of life and wellbeing on a largely subconscious level. Imagine being able to choose colours in your home that have a real impact on how you feel and behave and how comfortable others feel and behave in your space.


Imagine if your home could reflect who you really are.

By the end this of one-day master class you will be well on your way to proactively using colour to reflect who you really are and how you want to convey this to the world.

I'll share my secrets, insights and in-depth knowledge in applied colour psychology so that you can begin to:

  • Understand the power of colour psychology through my 3 step Intuitive Colour™ process
  • Tap into your authentic personality type
  • Create colour palettes that resonate with the confident environment you want to create
  • Support your wellbeing, moods and behaviours through using colour with purpose
  • Incorporate colours to enhance your interior design style.

Color Course


This workshop is for you if you:
Want to be able to understand and use applied colour psychology to create living and working environments that reflect both who you are and how you want to feel.

Managing your expectations:
While this is a masterclass we focus on realistic, easy steps you can take immediately to begin making changes in your environment. In order to achieve this, and give you the individual attention you need, this course is limited to maximum of 10 participants.

So, if you love colour and want to connect with your inner colour confidence to create a colour palette you'll fall in love with and that goes beyond mere decoration, EMAIL KAREN NOW to receive and up-to-date schedule or book a private group or personalised colour class.

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Thank you so much for running the colour training days for the DecorCafe Network. We have had great feedback from the interior designers who attended. Debbie Blott
Founder of The DecorCafe Network
Talking to large audiences or working with you or a team, Karen's passion for colour shines and energises. Janet Best
Fashion colour management specialist
We particularly appreciated your passion for the subject, depth of knowledge and original approach. Debbie Blott
Founder of The DecorCafe Network
Working with colour is a magical process. It's about taking the personality of an individual or business, and drawing out the colours that represent their true identity. Karen Haller
Leading Applied Colour Psychology Expert