CPD and Bespoke colour courses

I offer CPD style and bespoke tailor-made colour courses for design professionals and individuals looking to back up their existing knowledge and intuition with the science of applied colour psychology and colour physics. Through this training you will learn how to stop second guessing your choices and use colour to proactively influence behaviour (including buying behaviour) and enhance the wellbeing of your clients in:

  • Office & home environments
  • Public spaces
  • Branding
  • Retail
  • Product design
  • Healthcare and wellbeing.

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CPD and Bespoke colour courses
It was great to have such an experienced specialist running the course. Thank you so much. Debbie Blott
Founder of The DecorCafe Network
Talking to large audiences or working with you or a team, Karen's passion for colour shines and energises. Janet Best
Fashion colour management specialist
Thank you so much for running the colour training days for the DecorCafe Network. We have had great feedback from the interior designers who attended. Debbie Blott
Founder of The DecorCafe Network
Working with colour is a magical process. It’s about taking the personality of an individual or business, and drawing out the colours that represent their true identity. Karen Haller
Leading Applied Colour Psychology Expert